.. What you think, you became. What you feel, you attract. What you immagine, you create …

“Living fully only depends on me”

Seneca said to me when I was a girl, among high school days.

Life is a wonderful journey, a road to follow between slopes and curves, which mark memorable periods and choices.

I undoubtedly turned the moment when I decided what to do “when I’ll grow up”. I have never seen this choice so clear before.

Mother of two, I was for years well integrated in the apparently golden world of fashion, dream and passion of life.

Behind intense years, spent between Verona, Milan and Treviso, working in international companies of the highest level and traveling around the world.

I was able to satiate my creativity and my natural inclination towards research.

Get experience and create a broad and specific professionalism.

Emotions were not lacking!

Reconciling the commitment of Being a mother and full-time worker, nearly too much full, wasn’t easy. Especially from my ideal vision about holistic well-being.

Challenges have never frightened me since I was a child.

“Stubborn and obstinate”, as my father has always called me.

Ever since I helped my grandmother Gioconda in her creations, tenacious woman and seamstress, and I nurtured my roots with affections, among her precious fabrics and trimmings.

Leaving home at eighteen to draw my future, in the prestigious Milanese fashion school; choosing, together with my partner, to be mother without being able to benefit from the help of our families, not physically close; attending a Master during the weekends, while working all week and having two small children to manage. If I went back I wouldn’t take a turn away.

But something was boiling in the pot, and slowly it emerged. My eternal desire for independence, my spirit of initiative, my profound need for a new balance, more adequate and aimed at uniqueness, the person as the center, a new paradigm.

The need to create new dimensions became stronger, at a certain point, an activity that could reconcile artistic expression and private life without penalising its harmony.

I needed to sew a Unique dress for me.

It was then that I chose to devote myself wholeheartedly to my project. A lifestyle as well as a job.

A new challenge

It was then RRARO was born, my independent and artisanal brand, made of tailored, unique and bespoke clothing with lines also created specifically for customers.

Modeled on the search for accessible and ethical beauty and luxury. Research that has always accompanied me over the years.

Sewn also on the peculiarity and for the people who are, for me, always unique and precious, to be highlighted. Great attention is paid to details, from the choice of high quality materials, to the manufacture, all Italian at km.0. I choose transparency and sustainability in my creations, also dedicating myself to reuse and non-waste.

Getting dressed is not only a necessity as covering yourself, but it is also a way of communicating, a way of expressing yourself to others, which goes beyond words. Art and passion can thus marry, in a communion of intent that allows each person to choose the fabrics, shapes and colours that enhance them most, in the times and ways they prefer.

Giving value to the individual choice and to the time dedicated to it is of primary importance to me. Speed ​​becomes slow, and it was meant as cure.

Slow philosophy as a lifestyle

It is a fashion concept that goes beyond the trend, but maintains the quality, care and enhancement of excellence as key points.

Artisanal excellence of Made in Italy which, in the Veneto region and in the province of Treviso, sees the choice of many international luxury brands.

Territory which, more than ever, needs to be preserved and protected.

The direct relationship leads me to develop skills such as style and image consultancy, advising and creating empathy and human warmth, invaluable values.

In addition, the company experiences and my predisposition to relationships give me the opportunity to range also as a consultant, to small and medium-sized companies in the area, and to the formation of small brands, such as mine, to help them grow and establish themselves.

My journey towards an existence dedicated to holistic wellness continues and I never stop wanting to improve.

My search for beauty and awareness creates an ideal world, where any professionalism can evolve.

The unstoppable research and passion make it a reality, slow and possible!


Roberta Raeli