Fatto in Italia

… You can grow 5000 roses in the same garden … and still not find what you are looking for … yet what you seek might be found in a single rose or a little water. But the eyes are blind. You need to look with the heart! … If you don’t see clearly with the heart, the essential will be invisible to you …

UNIQUENESS : The conditions and characteristics of being unique. From the Latin unicus - the only one of its kind, which has no other of its kind, that which exists as a single variant; rare, excellent.

FUSION : A feminine noun from the Latin fusio, - onis; from fusus the past participle of fundere "pour", later "merge": the union of more than one element to form a single whole. By extension, a blend of styles and traditions from different origins and sources.

PERSONALITY : From the Late Latin personalitas - atis derived from personalis; being personal, typical, and characteristic of an individual; distinctive of a specific person or a single individual; original, new.

COHERENCE : From the Latin cohaerentia derived from cohaerem: to be coherent, to be closely united, that which is not in contradiction with itself. To be personally faithful to your ideals or act in a way that conforms precisely with your thoughts.