Fatto in Italia

T.F.I.s.: What does RRARO mean to you  ?
R.R.: RRARO is my brand, but not that alone. It is friendship, family, passion and enthusiasm. It is a world, my values, tireless research, and a chance to both interact with people and transmit who I am and what I have become through my creations. Well, anyway, aside from being the first two syllables of my given and family name, it symbolizes the work I do with tremendous passion. Each item is unique and rare, made here in Italy, and with fabrics  that comes from all over the world as well as grandma’s closet, abundant  with things beautiful and timeless. Special care is given to reuse and every item starts with the raw material but also embraces the craftmanship of my on backyard, rich with know-how awaiting rediscovery.


T.F.I.s.: What are RRARO’s objectives?
R.R.: RRARO aims at reaching a cross-section of women who are both cosmopolitan and united by passion and enthusiasm to communicate through my brand a oneness with the world, a willingness to take risks, the courage to always be themselves, to have a great personality, as well as a dash of irresistible self-irony and the desire to explore life in its many facets. Further, from an ethical point of view, RRARO cares a great deal about the environment, non-waste, and reuse. I would like this to be important to my women. After all, it is for me, and I’m ready to collaborate energetically with anyone sharing this belief. The influences found in my clothing should correspond to the willingness, on the part of whoever wears them, to choose to be contaminated, in the most positive sense, by the world; to accept all cultures and religions with an open mind; and to want to see beauty wherever it is with the eyes of a child, without prejudice or taboos.


T.F.I.s.: Thank you for this inspiring interview. See you soon and keep up the good work.
R.R.: Many thanks to you and RRARO’s followers! Keep in touch – that’s essential for me. Continue to inspire me !